Honestly, it must be hard being in the public eye all of the time. As a heart attack survivor, I can tell you that Rosie O'Donnell is absolutely right when she says minimizing stress is a key element to long term survival from heart disease and heart attack. I can only imagine that the time commitment alone doing a daily television show combined with a large family including teenagers must be beyond the stress tolerance of most people. Add to that the climate of a show that involves constant debate and argument in order to win ratings. Off the chart stressful. To Rosie, I say: Take care of yourself. You want to be around to meet those grand babies. Your choice to reduce stress, is exactly what we should be celebrating in our society. It's too bad the rest of our society doesn't understand that. It would save more lives. Best wishes to you and your family.


11/12/2015 5:27pm

I can only imagine that the time commitment alone doing a daily television show.

04/19/2016 5:40pm

Thanks for the amazing video. Stress is always so painful and make us feel bad also it is so damaging that it cause heart attack and so many other diseases. I like that you take some time to write about it so that people will come to know about these issues and prevent themselves from the bad effects of stress.

10/19/2016 11:03pm

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Heart attack is a silent killer. It could happen to anyone, fat or thin, tall or short, black or white, and young or old. That’s why we have to take good care of our health especially our heart. Some heart attack is caused by being overweight, too overworked, over stressed and bad vices. If we learn to limit these, we’ll surely have a healthy life. We only have one life to live so we have to take good care of what we have.

12/21/2016 1:54pm

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