Honestly, it must be hard being in the public eye all of the time. As a heart attack survivor, I can tell you that Rosie O'Donnell is absolutely right when she says minimizing stress is a key element to long term survival from heart disease and heart attack. I can only imagine that the time commitment alone doing a daily television show combined with a large family including teenagers must be beyond the stress tolerance of most people. Add to that the climate of a show that involves constant debate and argument in order to win ratings. Off the chart stressful. To Rosie, I say: Take care of yourself. You want to be around to meet those grand babies. Your choice to reduce stress, is exactly what we should be celebrating in our society. It's too bad the rest of our society doesn't understand that. It would save more lives. Best wishes to you and your family.
Russell Peterson | DayParentDad.com
By Russell Peterson | DayParentDad.com | August 6, 2014

In Minnesota at the age of 49 I had a heart attack. I was laying in my bed at home in the early evening watching the new video release of my daughter dancing. Thinking I was having an asthma attack, I started to drive myself to urgent care. Thankfully, I had a neighbor who is smarter than me and she drove me herself. I'm doubly thankful the medical team recognized I was having a coronary event and sent me to the hospital. 

Many in my family have had such events, but I thought I had missed this demon and I would be the lucky one. Turns out, I probably am. I missed my girls dance show that weekend, but I survived a quadruple by pass and have been living relatively pain free for the past three years. I can do more than I was able before the heart attack and I have none of the asthmatic allergies I was diagnosed since childhood. Oops, apparently that misdiagnoses happens frequently. 

Currently, I am participating in a clinical research study at the Lillehei Center at the University of Minnesota for a new drug that has the potential to save millions of lives by reducing cholesterol production through genetics. Just a regular guy trying to do my part.

I decided to add this blog to my website after following a number of heart attack survivor pages in various social media settings. It is clear to me that these stories, relationships, procedures, and technological advances involving the survival of a heart attack need to be told. I'm not foolish enough to think my blog will save anybody, but I do hope it will enlighten and perhaps inspire.