By Russell W. Peterson | | 2014

Usually Disney is the one to kill off a parent in the opening scene. This sets up a struggle for a child to survive and achieve greatness. All you need is an evil step mother, a princess and an endearing humorous relative to complete the package. Thus is the set up for The Hundred-Foot Journey: A disneyesque movie for adults with food.

It turns out that the evil restaurateur, Madame Mallory, played consistently by Helen Mirren is actually not that evil. She just wants control and sees potential in a young chef played by Manish Dayal. Same goes for his father masterfully articulated by Om Puri. Charlotte Le Bon, who settles into the princess role as an up and coming sous chef, provides a bit of chic flick romance and tension.

The humorous and mostly believable struggle between Madame Mallory and Papa was the highlight of the movie. The small French town scenes were fun. If only the restaurants had been set there. It would have provided a richer atmosphere and experience. On the other hand it would have made the bicycle journeys in the countryside looking for produce, but finding romance a little more difficult. We also thought the film lingered a bit too long in the techno food world of Paris. More resolution upon returning home could have been an enhancement.

The Trophy Wife and I both actually loved the movie, except for the predictability part. The Hundred-Foot Journey receives 4 out of 5 theater seats.
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03/14/2016 6:31am

We also thought the film lingered a bit too long in the techno food world of Paris. More resolution upon returning home could have been an enhancement.

03/18/2016 7:05am

The hundred Food Journey is greatest movie ever. This is seriously very funny and interesting movie and it is great.

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The movie seems so interesting that I am compelled to watch it. The fun can be seen in the poster. It would have provided a richer atmosphere and experience to the actors and the team.

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