I've tried so many olive oils I've lost count. Most store brands are not worth the money. There is only one brand I buy now that is both great tasting and affordable: Costco's Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil Toscano. It is strong, but smooth. It works well in my dressings or as a dip for bread. For cooking buy the Kirkland in the large plastic bottle. It works really well with a decent smoking point and wonderful light flavor.
I'm going to let you in on a little secret. But, shhhhhh. Don't tell anybody. <whispering...softly> Sometimes I use a packaged mix. <looks over shoulder> Not often, but I've found a few that I really like and can't really do much better. So I just buy them and tuck them away in the back of the cupboard so nobody can see. 

This is probably my all time favorite: Betty Crocker's Peanut Butter Cookie Mix. It just costs a few pennies, really. But honestly, don't tell the ladies at the school fund raiser that I'm cheating with a mix. You can buy it at the grocery store or in bulk here. Make sure you put it in the back of the cupboard and throw a towel over it. You don't want anybody to know our little secret.

By Russell Peterson | DayParentDad.com | August 6, 2014

We area finicky bunch in our house. I think it comes from eating so much fresh and home made food. So, it is unusual when a canned or jarred product gets rave reviews from my family. There are the top five pasta sauces we love with the first one outshining all the others by far because of it's rich complex tomato flavor. The top five in order are:
  1. Kirkland Marinara Sauce from Costco 3/32 oz $9.40
  2. Trader Giotto's Low Fat Tuscano Marinara Sauce from Trader Joe's
  3. Giada de Laurentiis Vegetable Marinara from Target
  4. Newman's Own Tomato and Basil Bombolina
  5. Classico Tomato And Basil

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