I really hate frozen pizzas. There I said it. A friend of mine who works in the grocery business says some pizzas have the ability to be thawed and refrozen several times without losing quality. Honestly, the standard must be really low. No wonder I hate them.

But frozen pizzas are a quick food when you are on the run and lack preparation. Which in my case happens frequently because I have way too many balls in the air. Or hair ties. Or barbie boots. Or a host of other child items I'm trying to manage at any one time.

So, how to make something you hate that is sometimes necessary much better? For frozen pizza I have two tricks:
  1. Up The Temp | I use a counter top toaster oven and increase the temperature about 25 degrees more than it says and shorten the time just a tad. I get a much crispier crust on the bottom wtihout the whole thing drying out.
  2. Good Parm and Olive Oil | Once the pizza is out of the oven immediately sprinkle olive oil and grate good quality Parmesan over the top. After cutting and plating add a bit more Parmesan.
I love this gourmet up trick and so do my kids! I hope you do as well.

Recipe Tip By Russell Peterson
Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved



Fresh pizza has taste for eat and this article about the frizz pizza. We can eat with out the loss the of taste. But i don't agree with it because it makes with cheese and it is good not for our digestion system.

03/05/2017 3:24am

This is a great idea! I didn't know frozen pizza can be recycled. This one is a good read to save yourself from starving. You need to have stocks of ham, cheese and tomato so it will be easy to gourmet and recycled your pizza. This is also one way to save money from spending too much for food. Thanks for sharing this idea.


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