I gained weight. Surprise. Medications and laziness will do that to you. Well I wasn't actually THAT lazy. Seriously. My heart doc says no carbs at night and no eating anything after 7pm. A new study, yes another one, says that we were wrong about the eating more carbohydrates thingy and the eating low fat thingy. Apparently once that whole low fat thinking hit the population the obesity rate went up significantly. We replaced filling fats with not so filling carbs and thus consumed more calories and affected triglycerides negatively.

I blame New York Times columnist and cookbook author Jane Brody for a big part of my personal situation. I was always over weight, but I had managed to keep it mostly in check. Out of desperation as the weight started to creep up again, I bought into her high carbohydrate sales pitch hook line and sinker and I definitely sunk. I cooked everything in her Good Food - Eating The High Carbohydrate Way cookbook and the weight just kept creeping up. I exercised, Went to fitness classes. Portioned food. Nothing worked. So I eventually stopped eating like that and thank goodness reversed course by the time my children came into the picture. They ate high quality foods with lean protein, quality fats, and complex carbohydrates of vegetables and fruits with very little added sugar or processed flour. They were also very active.

I managed to reduce my weight significantly eating lower carb again until my heart surgery recovery. I was re-educated by the hospital nutritionists back into a low fat diet again. I just rebounded with the weight. So I talked to my cardiologist and we are reversing course. I'm embracing this new study and once again going back to a higher protein and quality fat diet with vegetables and fruits and very little processed carbohydrates. 

Here is a perfect example: Low Carb Turkey Avocado Wrap. It has good quality fats, lean protein, and complex vegetable carbohydrates. I'm hoping this kind of eating is a win win because I could use a win on the weight front. So could my heart. 

  • 2 Romaine Slices
  • 4-5 Turkey Slices
  • 1/2 Avocado Sliced
  • 1/2 Carrot Diced
  • Olive Oil
  • Champagne Vinegar
  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper

  1. On the romaine slices layer turkey slices, avocado and carrots.
  2. Sprinkle with olive oil and vinegar. Season with black pepper.

Now that was super easy and very filling I might add!

About 350 calories for two wraps.


10/19/2015 4:11am

It's quick and very easy to make not to mention very flavorful... I'm not a huge fan of turkey but I love anything with avocados in it... It's colorful, healthy and the good think is it's well blended so the turkey doesn't over power the avocado and carrots.

02/27/2016 4:24am

The recipe of Turkey, Avocado Wrap is so good and it is a healthy diet. A lot of people like to have such dishes so that they will use it to lose weight and have the best health.


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