This is the best iced decaf coffee I have ever had. And I can make it at home quickly. 
  • Water In Keurig Machine
  • 1 Starbucks Decaf House Blend Medium K Cup
  • 1 Glass Of Ice

  1. Place the K Cup into the Keurig and press the power button.
  2. Place the glass of ice into the Keurig stand.
  3. Once the buttons light up, push the "tea cup" or small serving size.

1 serving

About 2 Calories Per Serving

You can do this with other coffee varieties, but personally I think this is the best option.


10/17/2016 10:39am

I am sure that everybody has tried drinking an iced coffee once in their life. And had loved it's taste because i am enjoying drinking it these days and it's my first experience that i am doing it. And i will never forget the taste of iced coffee ever and it is one of my favorite drinks now.

11/27/2016 12:09pm

It is need of the students when they are preparing themselves for the exams because they have to work hard for long hours and they can learn all in more effective way.

06/19/2017 10:36pm

Too much coffee isn't good for our health, that's why we need to drink it in moderation. Just like you, I also love Iced coffee and drinking it became my hobby during office hours. But despite everything, I always see to it that my intake is always in moderation. Too much caffeine is bad for our body! By the way, I wanted to thank you for sharing all of these to us!


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