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Today, after reading numerous posts for the past week about a so called "vaccine debate" I decided I had enough. I don't care if you are a mother earth feminist or a home schooling anti government Libertarian. This has got to stop. There is no debate. There are only loud noises shouting in the margins hoping to become the next fear sensation to drive our political and social discourse.

This is a picture of my children and their pediatrician, Dr. Bess Gold, upon her retirement. She cared for my children for 15 years. I trust her implicitly. She is a scientist and a nurturer. She wouldn't do anything to harm my girls and I know it with every bone in my body. She cannot be bought by big pharma or by trendy gossip and popularity. She will always look at the numbers, give us options, and make a recommendation. I have never not taken her recommendation. Why? Because I want my children to survive.

Because survival against diseases is important, I am currently a volunteer subject in a trial on a new drug that could save millions in the fight against heart disease. I inject myself every other week. I keep a diary. I visit the research center. They monitor me exhaustively. It is a triple blind study but there is a safety committee and numerous safety protocols. I've done my scientific research. I get paid nothing except for parking validation. The system is not perfect, but I trust the research staff, my doctors, and the scientific community to keep everything in check.

People, citing internet sources, are screaming at the margins about corruption, and marketing, and money making. Will we make mistakes? Yes. Will there be instances of corruption? Yes. Are companies making money off of drugs? Yes. We are human and prone to human error and temptation. Our society is predicated on the successful making money. Neither of those things is going away. But I believe the scientific and medical community by and large is working hard at monitoring, testing, and saving lives. The internet is not.

In the history of science, way more good has ever been done by vaccinations than hasn't. It isn't even close. I'm not going to cite the studies. Do your own investigation. And I don't just mean getting on the internet and doing a Google search. That is dangerous and leads to falsehoods, diverting attention and putting lives in jeopardy. Things Dr. Gold would never do.

By Russell Peterson | © DayParentDad.com All Rights Reserved | 10 February 2015



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