Once in high school a girl shoved me in the hallway near the gym. I think I was in her way. It was a small hallway and I was used to getting pushed around and called names. I just let it go. A guy next to me said, "Man, why didn't you smack her one?" To which I answered, "My parents taught me that violence was not the answer and a man NEVER hits a woman." The guy said I was crazy and my parents were stupid. I walked away.

This week we learned that Ray Rice punched his then fiance now wife so hard that he knocked her out in an elevator. Many people seem to care what he does for a living. I do not. There is no rational argument that says it is ever okay for a man to hit a woman in an elevator because they are having an argument. If an employee of mine did that. I would fire them. If I were a prosecutor, I'd put him on trial for abuse and send him to jail.

Let me be very clear to my daughters and all the other young women and men out there. There is no argument ever that says it is okay for another person to physically abuse you in any way. If it happens, you go straight to the police and file charges. Period.

By Russell Peterson | DayParentDad.com | 8 September 14
Contacts For Help
The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Child Help
Additional Help
Abuser Tricks Guide
Abusers can be quite manipulative. Click on the link above to find a quick guide to test your situation.

Protect your children by teaching them well.
National Domestic Violence Hotline | TheHotline.org



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