My name is Russell Peterson. I grew up in a little house on the prairie. No, not that story, but it was little and so was the town. I traveled far, far away, 60 miles or 45 minutes if you drove really fast, to college and got a degree in architecture. After graduation I moved over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house (really, I am not kidding) to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I worked for a New York design firm, traveled the country designing for fortune 500 companies, became a licensed architect and started my own business - all before I was 30. Then I got married. But everything really changed fifteen years ago when I decided to sell my flourishing architecture practice, walk away from my promising career and stay at home to raise my children. It was not easy - it still isn't. But, I am the luckiest man alive because I am blessed with two smart, beautiful teenage daughters and a lovely and very talented wife. This blog is an exploration of our journey. I hope along the way you might discover a few humorous things about our lifestyle, my everyday struggles, a little about humanity, and something special about yourself. Thank you for tagging along.


Mrs P
04/30/2013 8:17am

Can't wait to read more and more! Go Russ!

04/30/2013 8:26pm

Many of your lessons will get looped into this blog. Just you wait and see Mrs. P.!

Derek Stendahl
05/01/2013 8:39pm

I like your blog so far. You may not remember me but I'm Vickie Jensen's nephew. I'm definitely going to get one of those Silky Saws. I'll be back..

08/05/2013 9:32pm

Hi Derek, I do remember. You will love those saws. I'll keep posting more good stuff. Glad to see you'll be back.

10/04/2014 4:33pm

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