A few days ago a video was posted on YouTube showing Chicago Public School teachers in a professional development session. The teachers were all lined up in rows of desks too small for most adults and reciting word for word after the presenter. Honestly, one would have thought the presenter was programming Cylons. But she was not. She was training our teachers.
Here is the description on YouTube: 
"This presenter was one of several consultants flown in from California and the United Kingdom for the Chicago Public Schools' Office of Strategic School Support Services' special network. This is a professional development for teachers of Saturday ISAT preparation classes."

This really disgusts me and should enrage you too. Adults learn differently than children. There many proven instructional methodologies that work way better than repeating something over and over. I cannot believe that in today's educational environment, this kind of training is happening. 

On the other hand, I have served on many local school committees, a statewide standards committee, a charter school business board, and a school board. I've learned many people are checked out of the data, few are truly interested in the children, and most are more interested in their jobs, their personal relationships, or their narcissistic tendencies.

I like to say that the persistence of mediocrity overshadows excellence. Programming teachers like Cylons casts a very ominous shadow.

*The ISAT is a standardized statewide test.