A news post yesterday identified the 7 best foods one should buy on a budget. Yes, apparently there are only seven. One of the items was peanut butter, which I can tell you is not cheap and is usually full of fat and sugar. The final one was protein bars - also usually full of sugar as well as sodium. The story talked about a couple who had eaten only protein bars every three hours each day saying they had saved a load of money and lost a bunch of weight. Good for them, but I don't buy it.

First let me say, that eating the same food over and over for days on end is no way to live. I've done it before. Not going back. As soon as you re-enter the real world, your system goes haywire and any weight you've lost most certainly will come rushing back. Not very healthy at all. Try having a social life or going out to dinner with friends. Not going to happen.

Second, as expensive as protein bars are, if you eat them every three hours it would cost a family of four $60 a day at a minimum or $420 per week. I just don't have that kind of money to spend on food. I'm not sure who does - so much for their saving a load of money.
So here is my list of the 50 best heart* healthy budget foods with their approximate cost** per serving: